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March 25, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BCF JILL!!!  Let's all wish her a happy 26th birthday!!!  For Christmas, Kelley made me a calendar with pictures of us and stuff and I would just like to share the picture that commemorates Jill's birthday:

That picture makes me laugh every time I see it :D  Great choice on Kelley's part :)
Let's go back a couple days ago...I forgot to post this picture for the Friday blog and I just remembered it today so I guess I'll post it today but it happened Friday...On Friday, Mrs. Van wanted us to do book spine poetry which is where you make a poem using the titles of books and lay them on top of each other.  She wanted us as seniors to create poems that were advice to the Freshmen and the winning poems would be placed in a display case.  As a group which was mainly Korinne, this poem was created by us:

Our advice was to not have a baby.  We found the baby book first and then we said we wanted to find a book that was titled Don't Have One but that didn't work out.  We also found some other funny combinations but Mrs. Van refused to let them happen :)  Katie found The Awakening and she wanted to find a book titled Don't Read It as her advice but that didn't happen either :)
Coming back to today.  I donated blood today!!!!!!!!!!!  Kelley and I went to a church that was holding a blood drive and we were both able to donate!!!  I usually have too high of a pulse and Kelley usually has too low of iron but we were both okay today!!  My pulse was 105 and then it dropped to 100.  Whenever it's exactly 100, I think the people are just lying to let me donate...I'm not complaining though! :)  Now I can get my red cord!!!  I'm so excited!  Kelley and I were making the phlebotomist laugh while he was taking our blood.  We had a race and I went two seconds faster :)  At one point during the donating, the phlebotomist was all, "I could tell you two were sisters from the massive veins in your right arms"  I've heard a lot of "I could tell you two were sisters..." sentences in my life, but that one was definitely a first!  The POD from today is a picture of us after donating in our new lounge pants!!  They're really nice!!  Also, I wanted to look normal but Kelley decided to look like a weirdy for this picture...soo...yeah.  Also, that's one of my new tank tops from Old Navy!!!  It's very bright!
At the church where the blood drive was, I had to parallel park for the first time in my life.  Kelley was my parking coach and she did pretty good but sadly I did pretty poorly.  Here's how far away I was from the curb:

I was pretty much in the middle of the road...OH WELL!! Mom just informed me that I could have gotten a ticket for that...oops.  Anyway, after the blood drive, I mowed the lawn, we ate dinner, and then we took Kelley back to catch her bus to go to college :(  I got really nauseous on the way home for some reason and took a nap in the car.  When I got home I took off my band aid and found that I got a bruise from donating today :(  Other than all that exciting stuff, nothing exciting happened today haha :)  Just kitting :)  It was a great day!

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  1. So many things to say!

    1. Thank you for the birthday shoutout!! And the calendar picture totally made my day. That picture cracks me up every time, I am so happy I made that weird face.

    2. Congratulations again on being about to donate! And I have two pairs of Heartland pajama pants... one pair is SUPER soft and comfortable and the other one isn't at all but I still wear them sometimes. But neither of mine have the same pattern as yours! Weird.

    3. I like the idea of book spine poetry.